Brad Blackman Echo of a Distant Tide 2014

Fine Art Paintings by Brad Blackman, Nashville Artist

Exploring man’s mortality and search for peace, Brad Blackman paints urban landscapes and abstract-realist compositions. This uniquely evolving body of abstract-realist work has been seen in places as diverse as his native Nashville and Florence, Italy.

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Recent Work

Brad Blackman Echo of a Distant Tide 2014

Echo of a Distant Tide

acrylic on canvas, 12 x 12 inches. 2014 - $259

BradBlackman, 2014. Isotope, 8 x 10 inches.


acrylic on canvas, 8 x 10 inches. 2014 - $198

Brad Blackman, 2014. Percy Priest Sunrise, Oil on panel

Percy Priest Sunrise

oil on panel, 14 x 18 inches. 2014 - $349

Brad Blackman Dusky Haze 2014

Dusky Haze

oil on panel, 16 x 20 inches. 2014 - $395

Blog Posts

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The Art of Work by @JeffGoins

My friend Jeff wrote a book about finding your calling. You have until midnight, March 23 to get it FREE + $250 in bonuses.

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I don’t paint with green very much. St. Patrick’s Day offered the perfect excuse to try something new with a timelapse video!

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Stop Swatting Bears: Why the Art World Needs More Beauty

Poking the Bear: Why the Art World Needs Beauty Now More than Ever

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(AUDIO) How do you find motivation as an artist?

What motivates and inspires an artist to do their best work? Where does that motivation come from? Almost always, it comes from within.

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8 iPad apps for artists

The iPad mini is great for artists because of its compact size. Plus there are a ton of great apps artists can use. Here are 8 that I really like.

How I Price My Paintings

How I price my paintings

I learned how to price my paintings and stop guessing by using an actual pricing strategy using the lineal inch method.