Brad Blackman - Morning Mist. acrylic on canvas, 22 x 24 inches. 2015

Abstract Fine Art Paintings by Brad Blackman, Nashville Artist

I would love to work with you closely to create something unique.Exploring man’s mortality and search for peace, Brad Blackman paints abstract-realist landscapes and compositions.

This uniquely evolving body of work has been seen in places as diverse as his native Nashville and Florence, Italy.

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Recent Work

Brad Blackman - Morning Mist. acrylic on canvas, 22 x 24 inches. 2015

Morning Mist

acrylic on canvas. 20 x 24 inches - Prints start at $90

Brad Blackman - The Battle of Hoth, acrylic on canvas, 2015. 14 x 11 inches

The Battle of Hoth

acrylic on canvas. 14 x 11 inches - Prints $70

Brad Blackman - Ireland, acrylic on canvas, 2015. 12 x 12 inches


acrylic on canvas, 12 x 12 inches. 2015 - Original $259 - Prints $70

Black Submarines, painted by Greg and Brad Blackman, February 2015

Black Submarines

acrylic on canvas, 12 x 12 inches. 2015 - $259 (value)

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