About the Artist


Brad Blackman has shown his work in places as diverse as his native Nashville and Florence, Italy. Most recently, he exhibited with Quidley & Company Fine Art in Boston. In Nashville, participated in the quarterly Untitled Artist Group for about ten years while it ran, and now occasionally shows in the First Saturday Art Crawl. He received his BFA degree from Harding University and lives outside of Nashville.


I’ve long been fascinated with painting overpasses and the inherent geometry of those structures. Gradually, I began painting the urban landscape that realism and abstraction merge.

What’s interesting to me is that while I find the underlying forms visually arresting – massive bulks defined by triangles of light and shadow – these man-made structures don’t last. They crumble. Eventually rust and decay claim them and grass and dust returns. Man’s testaments to triumph become forgotten ruins and disappear in the end. Our buildings and highways might outlast us, but they probably won’t be here in a thousand years. Many of them will be rebuilt in our own lifetimes. Our own mortality stares us in the face of our apparent magnificence.

Meanwhile, our world grows more noisy and cluttered. In our frantic pace to keep up, we become disconnected with who we are. I know I certainly have. I’ve been exploring abstractions based on iPhone photos that have been manipulated to create imagery that conveys a sense of peace and quiet. This is a new body of work that is still under development; we’ll see more of this soon.

In a sense, I am exploring two aspects of the human condition: our eventual demise and a certain peace that comes from wisely considering our short time here.