#AEDM14 Day 14: Color!

After being sick last week, it took me a while to get caught back up and find the time to get back in the studio.

The little abstract piece evolved. A lot.

I have to admit this is a bit out of the norm for me, a little scary, even, since it is so different from what I usually do.

But I really like where this is going. I feel like this is the direction I want my work to take in the future. This sort of hazy feel.

When I filmed it, I split it into two videos since in between I had to dig around for some colors and mix them up.

Part 1

Can’t see it? Click here or browse to http://youtu.be/gt239t9IXoc.

Part 2

Can’t see it? Click here or browse to http://youtu.be/24vE8yAeOHA.