How I Built an Inspiring Netflix Queue

I admit it: I’m something of a Netflix junkie. It’s so easy to fire it up after the kids go to bed. I try to be intentional about what I watch. If I’m going to consume TV for hours on end, I want it be inspiring. So I load my queue with things that feed my creativity, things that entertain me, and things that move me.

Creative Inspiration

Bob Ross: Beauty is Everywhere and Chill with Bob Ross are both relaxing and fun and I get a few ideas for how to talk about my work as well as ways to actually make the paintings happen. His style has little to do with my style but I love the way he exudes positivity, and I want to bring something of that into the world.

Abstract: The Art of Design – it’s always inspiring to see behind different design disciplines. I admit I haven’t finished it because I don’t want it to end.

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown – never saw this while he was alive. Such an interesting show.

Iris – (apparently it’s not on Netflix streaming anymore) It’s so inspiring to see this nonagenarian do her own thing. She made her own rules and ignored what “fashion” said to do, and the fashion world came to adore her for it. It proves that style is ultimately a personal thing and belongs to no era, and fashion is just trendy.


Voltron: Legendary Defender I’m an 80s kid. The reboot has been fun, and my kids love it, too. We will be sad when it ends later this year.

Queer Eye I think Netflix has absolutely nailed this reboot. It takes the best parts of the original and puts a great spin on things. Whereas the first version was more about breaking taboos I think this is more about breaking people out of what is holding them back.

Black Mirror This show blurs the line between science fiction and horror. It basically looks at the dark side of technology. The name comes from how so many digital devices these days are essentially black mirrors. The frightening thing is the horrible things depicted in the show are on the verge of happening in the next few years. (Well, maybe not, but it sure seems that way when you watch “Nosedive.”)

Alien Conspiracy Theories

I discovered Ancient Aliens on late night TV a few years ago and thought it was so much fun to watch. I don’t believe any of it but there are moments it’s convincing. (I have no doubt that the Biblical Flood wiped out some kind of technological advances we had.) No, I don’t really think there’s a secret society that lives on the moon. But I love the ideas of what if everything you believe is wrong.

What are you watching?

My wife and I just finished the second season of “The Good Place.” Have you seen it? What are you watching these days?