The last day of #ArtEveryDayMonth! (Day 30)

Well, it finally happened! The last day of Art Every Day Month. Today I got up before the sun (and the kids, that’s the important part) again and got to work on this little canvas. I flipped it around a few times and gave it a dark lower half, bringing that mass up into a point around the center. It gives it something of a triangular composition.

It’s not quite finished yet, given what I have in mind. If I have time later today I’ll take a shot at it. I wanted to yesterday but I never got to it, so that may not happen today, either. Either way, I think it is coming along nicely. Maybe I can finish it tomorrow?

So here is a time lapse video of what I did today.

Can’t see the video? Well, surf on over to YouTube and watch it there.
Oh, and my hunch yesterday was right: the native Camera app on iOS does indeed make pretty much all time lapse videos 20-40 seconds no matter how long you actually record. This is kind of disappointing, yet it makes these daily videos perfectly “snackable.” Anybody can commit to watching a 30-second video, right?But I think going forward I am going to use a different app so I can end up with something that is a set percentage faster than it actually happened.

Anyway, here’s a shot of today’s progress. What do you think?

I hope to have a full assessment of Art Every Day Month 2014 in a few days, so stay tuned for that as we return to a weekly, rather than daily, blogging schedule.

Thanks for sticking around, and I hope you’ve had fun this month. I know I have!