Staying Productive in a Crisis with a Morning Ritual

The month of March has been bonkers. A month ago, Nashville was hit by a tornado that got up to class EF-4 and ran for 50-plus miles. A week later, the stay-at-home order came, and we went into self-quarantine.

Video: Staying Productive in a Crisis

Initially, I thought I might get some stuff done during quarantine: projects around the house, read some books, start some paintings, get the kids to do some research projects, that sort of thing.

But I haven’t been as “productive” as I expected. I was a little disappointed for a minute. I realized this situation is more emotionally taxing than just “staying home.” You might have discovered the same. It’s hard to stay productive in quarantine.

I’ve found that if I brush my teeth and wash my face and make sure my kids have done the same, we’re doing ok.

Our family has a helpful morning routine that keeps us feeling at least somewhat productive during this strange season. I talk about it in this video:

Stay well, stay home, stop the spread. Go easy on yourself.