Brad Blackman showing his painting studio, which is in a corner of the bonus room over his garage

Behind the Scenes: A Peek Into My Studio

I wanted to give you a behind the scenes peek into my studio. It’s literally a corner in the bonus room over the garage, and I share it with the washer and dryer and some bookcases and a freezer and a desk. 

But it’s my space, and I like it. It’s where I paint. I’m fortunate to have a dedicated space for painting.  

In the video, you’ll see some of the tools I use, plus why I put my paints and brushes on the right-hand side of the easel.

What is your space? Whether you’re a painter like me, or someone who does crafts, or a writer, or whatever you do, I hope you have some kind of dedicated space for your work. What’s that like for you? I’d love for you to share in the comments!