What is Art, Anyway? (Video from Art & Christianity Class Week 1)

The past few weeks I have been teaching a Sunday School class at Donelson Church of Christ about Art & Christianity. We talk about what art and Christianity have to do with each other, if anything at all. (Spoiler: I think they overlap a great deal, and Christians have much to learn from the arts, and artists have a lot to teach Christians.)

So here is a rough video from the first week from a few weeks back. The audio quality is poor since I don’t have a lapel or lavalier mic, which is something I hope to remedy sometime soon. (It’s not in my budget at the moment.) Also I’m shooting on an iPad and not a professional camera, and you can tell.

But I think the message gets across. I’ll be posting additional weeks as I can get these edited and cleaned up. I hope to get the slides actually integrated with the video but I haven’t had the time to get that done.

Here’s the video. If you can’t see it because you’re reading this in an email, click here.

Here are the slides but they may not make a lot of sense without watching the video:

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Let me know what you think!