9 of the 40 abstracts I'm painting in the days leading up to December 7, 2018

40 Paintings in 40 Days (#40DaysOfAbstracts)

In a little less than a month, I turn 40. Why not celebrate that landmark birthday with 40 paintings? And they are all the same size: 4×4 inches. And priced at $40 each! It’s a fun little project that I’ve tagged #40daysofabstracts.

The nice thing about it is that it has pushed me to show up every day, even when I don’t feel like it. I have fallen behind (and caught up by making a triptych so it wasn’t a total loss) but it’s simple enough that I know I can stay on top of it. It ties in nicely with my annual tradition of participating in Art Every Day Month. It just extends that project by a few days on either end of the month.

While 40 paintings sounds like a lot, you’d be surprised how many more ideas I have just waiting to be painted. Ideas beget more ideas. And I have a feeling I’ll be revisiting some of these compositions again later on a larger scale.

If you’re interested in adding one of these to your collection, contact me right away and I’ll email you an invoice for the one you want. $40+S&H.