(Audio) 8 Kinds of Images for Artists to Share on Social Media

Not long ago I listened to an episode of Michael Hyatt’s This Is Your Life podcast, and he and his co-host Michele Cushatt talked about growing one’s social media following with 10 different kinds of posts. There are some great suggestions in that podcast episode.

Naturally, I wondered what this list would be like if it were written specifically for artists. So I wrote it! I start off with the presumption that an artist should share images more than anything. If you’re making visual art, shouldn’t your feed be primarily visual?

So I picked up my phone and recorded a voice memo with my thoughts about the different kinds of images artists can share on social media. I came up with eight:

Below, I have shared a list of these 8 kinds of images.

8 Kinds of Images for Artists to Share on Social Media

  1. Your Art! Make sure it is high-quality, clean and color-corrected.
  2. Stage a photo of your art in situ, such as in a living room, lobby, or a bedroom. My friend Mandy shows a pentaptych over a bed on her site.(photo credit: Kat Dishman)
  3. Work in progress
  4. Your studio/workspace (and if you have one, perhaps show your studio pet)
  5. Action shot of yourself at work. Extra chins not required.
  6. Other people’s art that you like. I’m a fan of my friend David Sandum’s art.
  7. Things that inspire you. (My kids inspire me daily!)
  8. Quotes superimposed on images. If you don’t have Photoshop, you can do this cheaply with Over, WordSwag, or Canva. I see abstract artist Nicholas Wilton doing a good job of this on his Facebook feed.

My challenge to you:

Pick one or two of these and try them this week. See what happens. Also, choose someone whose art the world needs to see, and share their art. I’ll go first: go check out my friend David Sandum.

Paint Palette Photo: ant.photos via Compfight cc