Lipstick and Explosions at the Art Crawl

Unlike last month, Annie and I left home early to get to the First Saturday Art Crawl. We drove through a short but very intense shower but downtown was dry as could be.

The weather was hot, but that short burst of rain cooled things off just enough that it wasn’t uncomfortable or too humid.

The Peanut Shop was closed

Of course, our first order of business was to see if the Peanut Shop was open. It wasn’t, so Annie was disappointed.

From there we went to the upstairs of the Arcade to check out the galleries. It was nice to beat the crowds.

Let’s Join the Circus

The first gallery we visited was Blend, which is run by my friend Ben Vitualla. We loved the show that was there. It was this highly detailed, surreal, circus-themed art by Sarah Kaufman and her book The Circus that the paintings were in.

I was so proud of Annie for being able to read the book. We would have bought it right there but I didn’t have $25 on me. (I had just $20 and that was for snacks!) You can orderThe Circus from Amazon, too.

Sarah’s work was a lot of fun. Everything was so magical and it really brought you into this world the artist had created. The best art immerses you into an entire world.

And Sarah’s paintings do just that.


We loved the delicate floral ceramic sculptures by Carolyn Baginski and Audry Deal-McEver in the 40 AU gallery. They had collaborated to put together a show where their ceramic work complemented each other. I enjoyed getting to meet the artists and talk to them about how they made their work. Taken together, it all looked like part of the same body of work.

Marleen De Waele-De Bock

Next, we visited Marleen De Waele-De Bock again and got a chance to meet her this time. However, Annie was getting hungry at this point so she was getting antsy.

But that didn’t stop her from taking selfies with the art. Annie’s favorite piece was the painted coffee table, which she excitedly took a picture of with my phone.

A Snack at Frothy Monkey

Our next stop was Frothy Monkey. We ran into my friend Adam and his 4-year-old little girl on the sidewalk. So the girls said hello and then we went on to get a snack.

Annie and I split a Cowboy Cookie. She got hot chocolate with cinnamon and I got a cappuccino. I showed her how delicious it is when you dip your cookie in your hot beverage.

Explosions at Tinney Contemporary

After Frothy Monkey we went to Tinney Contemporary and looked at some huge paintings by James Perrin. They looked like they were of some abstract otherworldly explosions. Or migraines.

I was struck by how many people were walking around the gallery looking at their phones. Look at the art, people! Talk to your friends who are actually with you.

Big Lips and Abstracts. Abstract Lipstick?

Next up, we visited The Rymer Gallery. It was all excellent work, as usual. My Instagram Friend Alex Hall had some new abstract pieces up, which are a change from the usual polished, realistic/surrealistic works he has done.

We had a brief conversation about the marketability of abstract work over detailed realistic work. I think it is because in abstract painting, people can inject a part of themselves in it. It’s more universal by default. The more realistic and specific something is, the less universal.

The giant lips by Elizabeth Winnel were pretty cool, too.

The Arts Company

Finally, we closed the night by visiting The Arts Company.

Of course, Annie found the pop-up books and had a blast going through those.

I loved the paintings by Edie Maney and the giant sculpture by Edward Belbusti. I don’t know how they got that in the door.

It was a good night. I had a blast meeting some artists I’ve only known online. It was worth it to get there early and beat the crowds and brave the weather that turned out to be not so bad after all.