“We do a kind of a baseball season”

Recently on Back to Work, (Episode 134Dan and Merlin talked about how Fred de Cordova (from Late Night with David Letterman) mentioned how they approached the show’s failures and successes like baseball, since they do a show every night. In the NPR article he said they didn’t have time to get hung up on what went badly:

“If you do one show a year or one show every three months or one show every four months, you have an awful lot of time to realize what a failure you’ve been,” he said. “But we do kind of a baseball season: We do a show one night and we hope it’s wonderful, and if not that, we hope it’s good and we hope it isn’t bad. But even if it’s a great show or even if it’s not such a good show, we do another show the next night and we have no time, except in self analysis, to decide why it wasn’t good or even why it was very good.”
As an artist, this can by encouraging only if you do the work day in and day out. If you make art only when the mood strikes or infrequently, you will be more crushed by failure since you’ll have more time to worry about it rather than moving to the next project. Take stock and move on. Baseball players play about nine out of ten days during the regular season from April to September.

In other words, lower the stakes. Keep up the good work, and don’t give up!

Photo Credit: Werner Kunz via Compfight cc