Life After Art: An Interview with Matt Appling

I had the pleasure of interviewing Matt Appling about his new book Life After Art. Matt teaches elementary art and high school art history in Kansas City, Missouri. He’s also worked as a teacher, mentor, and minister in a variety of church and school settings. In addition to being an artist and art teacher, he is a pastor, and he blogs at The Church of No People. You can find him on Twitter at @MattTCoNP.

Matt’s new book Life After Art is about how we lose touch with our fearless, creative selves that comes so naturally when we are kids but changes and falls away as we grow up. We get caught up in “grown-up” things like bills and oil changes. The book trailer gives a pretty good introduction:

Can’t see the video? Click HERE!

So when Matt offered the opportunity to interview him after I read the book, I was thrilled to do so.

Can’t see the video? Click HERE!

I asked Matt five questions:

  1. What motivated you to write this?
  2. It was really neat how the Creative Giants “sidebars” weren’t about the usual suspects (Picasso, Steve Jobs, other “inspirational” figures.) Why did you go this route?
  3. What do you have to say to the “Napoleon Dynamites” who are ashamed of their one or two talents end up burying them out of shame?
  4. How does The Church of No People play into your life as a creator?
  5. What’s next? Are you planning on expanding on some of the topics in Life After Art or something else entirely?
I strongly recommend this book, and if you want to reconnect with your inner creative self I encourage you to buy a copy today. > Buy it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. (Note: I do not receive anything if you buy using these links. Just good karma.)

Have you read it? What did you think? You can leave a comment here.