What does your space say about you?

What’s in your space?

Our spaces say a lot about who we are. In many ways our spaces like our clothes. Not just an expression of who we are, but another extension of ourselves. It’s not only how we decorate our space, but the kind of spaces we find ourselves in.

Coffee Shops and Rock Clubs

Think about the kind of person who feels at home at Starbucks. I imagine he or she is probably different from someone who loves hanging out at a rock club.

Starbucks is brightly lit and relatively quiet. The hardest drug around is a super caffeinated espresso drink with a bunch of chocolate in it. Soft jazz-pop plays in the background. Baristas banter with each other.

A rock club is a different story. It’s dark, loud, and plenty of liquor is available. Other things if you know where to look and who to talk to. Everyone is yelling at each other. There’s an energy in the air. Sometimes there’s a sense of desperation.

Starbucks is decorated in earthy tones and textures. The few rock clubs I’ve been to have concrete floors and black spray-painted walls and glaring neon signs and blinding colored lights on the stage. And odd smells.

Your Home Away from Home

Think about your home. Or your office. Or think about your middle school locker. Your dorm room in college. Your cubicle at work. The truck you drive around town. How do you decorate that space?

The space you find yourself in most often might be a quiet office or a noisy construction site.

How do you make it yours? A lot of people put personal things on their desks. Or pictures of loved ones on their dashboards.

What is in Your Space?

Are you intentional about your space? Are you putting the right things in it? Are you in the right space to begin with? While that requires a bit of soul searching, you can easily put a few things in your space to make them more “you.”

Fill your space with photos. Tchotckies. Art. Mementos.

My Space (not that social network)

Personally, I like my space to be well-lit. Quiet with warm textures. (And yes, I happen to be writing this in a Starbucks.) Artwork that inspires and fills me with a reflective attitude that makes me focus. Colors and textures that open my mind to what can be and should be and shall be. Music that puts me in a zone for creating something beautiful.

Whenever I’ve had a desk at a job somewhere I’ve made sure I put up things that speak to who I am, whether it was things that inspired me as a designer or reminded me of my family. I’ve had a picture of my newborn daughter, a coffee mug with a picture of my kids on it, and typography charts, among other things.

In my painting studio I put up reference photos and the work of artists I aspire to be like.

What Does Your Space Look Like?

The holidays are coming up fast. The new year will be here before you know it. Why not put some art in it that makes you stop, slow down, and breathe amidst the chaos of the season?

Or maybe something that kicks you in the pants and keeps you going so you don’t give up? To stay motivated for the end of the year. Then kickstart the new year into high gear.

I just hope you will take the opportunity to own your space and make it yours.

Start Creating Your Space Now

What will you do to personalize your space and make it into a sanctuary where you can do your best work. I want to help you do this by creating art that you can put in your space, no matter how big or small it is. What do you want in your space?

With the holidays coming up, I’m taking commissions between now and the end of November, 2015. I’d love to create something perfect for your space.