Sewer I

BradBlackmanSewer1Blame it on watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as a kid: sewers have a mysterious attraction to me. Where do they lead? Whats down there? Could little turtles really interact with radioactive goop and be turned into pizza-loving ninjas? As a kid I always loved crawling or climbing into out-of-the way places that I wasn’t really supposed to go. This sewer is no different. What is interesting is the network of large and small pipes that funnel into one central area, and the light that filters in from above.

I documented the progress of this painting here and here.

Recent Work

Percy Priest Sunrise

oil on panel, 14 × 18 inches. 2014, $349


acrylic on canvas, 12 × 12 inches. 2015. prints $70


acrylic and gold leaf on canvas. 30 × 24 inches. NFS

440 over 40

oil on canvas, 40 × 20 inches. 2005 – $600

Bellevue Cycle

oil on canvas, 12 × 24 inches. 2007

Black Submarines

acrylic on canvas, 2015. 12 × 12 inches. $259 (value)


acrylic on canvas. 8 × 10 inches, 2014. prints – $55

Melrose Interchange

oil on canvas, 18 × 24 inches. 2012 (Not for sale)

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